Dale Pinnock
49 recipes
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Quadrille Publishing
978 184949 543 1

Dale tackles the issues people suffer with their digestion, trying to understand the reasons behind the conditions and – most importantly – how you can help yourself to relieve them. His approach is designed to work alongside conventional medical treatment. Dale believes you can relieve a whole spectrum of digestive symptoms via diet. He believes that making a long-term change to the way you eat is a far better path to good digestion than short-lived, difficult-to-follow diets. He tackles the physiology and anatomy behind each of a handful of the most common digestive complaints: bloating; constipation; IBS; inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis), and touches on reflux and food ‘intolerance’, too. He shows how the body digests different foodstuffs, therefore giving readers the tools they need to heal themselves, promote gut flora and avoid foods that can continue to ferment in the gut. The wonderful recipes are divided into groups, depending on the gut condition they are intended to tackle. Lunch on bean and corn quesadillas if you have constipation. To help relieve IBS, try chicken and shiitake pad Thai, or dine on chicken meat loaf with roasted roots to help relieve inflammatory bowel disease. Every recipe is simple and quick to prepare with easy-to-find ingredients.

In this book

  1. An introduction to digestive disorders
  2. The digestive system
  3. The digestion of nutrients
  4. Common digestive problems and their dietary management
  5. Intolerance
  6. Bloating (primary)
  7. Top ingredients to ease bloating
  8. Constipation
  9. Top ingredients to ease constipation
  10. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  11. The FODMAPs diet
  12. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
  13. Top ingredients to ease inflammatory bowel disease
  14. Reflux
  15. General tips for great digestion
  16. Recipes
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    2. Ginger, celery and mint cooler
    3. Pineapple and mint ice lollies
    4. Tummy tea
    5. Leek frittata
    6. Greek salad with rocket and artichokes
    7. Jerusalem artichoke soup
    8. Cardamom spiced yogurt parfait
    9. Roasted red pepper houmous with crudités
    10. Spinach dal
    11. Tuna steak with herbed bean salad
    12. Bean and corn quesadillas
    13. Sweet potato, red lentil and white bean miso stew
    14. Mediterranean barlotto
    15. Baked sweet potato with white beans, spinach and pesto
    16. Ratatouille crumble
    17. Easy vegetable curry with herbed quinoa
    18. Seafood brown rice with lemon grass and coriander
    19. Pea and asparagus brown rice risotto
    20. Beetroot, goat’s cheese and rocket tortilla pizza
    21. Aubergine layer bake
    22. Date, almond and chia balls
    23. Date squares
    24. Figgy seeded flapjacks
    25. Apple oat crumble
    26. Mediterranean scramble
    27. Salmon kedgeree
    28. Cinnamon porridge with oat milk
    29. Roasted squash soup
    30. Turkey-stuffed red peppers
    31. Grilled halloumi with Mediterranean roasted vegetables and quinoa
    32. Chicken and spinach miso rice bowl
    33. Stir-fried satay greens with brown rice
    34. Yaki soba
    35. Spiced quinoa with shredded spinach, dill, feta and kalamata olives
    36. Chicken and shiitake pad Thai
    37. Chicken, red pepper and olive tray bake
    38. Turkey meatballs with sautéed courgette and roasted sweet potato
    39. Stuffed chicken with pesto vegetables
    40. Mango cantaloupe chia smoothie
    41. Roasted squash, carrot and ginger soup
    42. Pineapple coconut smoothie
    43. Spaghetti with red peppers, anchovies and capers
    44. Roasted salmon with spiced squash purée
    45. Tuna and red pepper kebabs with spinach and apricot salad
    46. Avocado, smoked salmon and spinach wrap with citrus mayo
    47. Spinach and sweet potato curry
    48. Roasted chicken breast with pineapple salsa on spiced vegetables
    49. Spiced chicken meatloaf with roasted roots
    50. Herbed salmon burgers with avocado salsa and spinach-strawberry balsamic salad

Recipes in Digestion

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