Glass types

Glass types

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Martini glass

This glass has a triangle-bowl design with a long stem, and is used for a wide range of straight-up (without ice) cocktails, including martinis, Manhattans, metropolitans and gimlets. It’s perfect for strong drinks and strong personalities.


A glass that traditionally has a rounded bottom and is used to serve dark spirits.

Highball glass

A tall, straight-sided glass used for long drinks. Highball glasses are generally used to serve light spirits.

Champagne flute

This is ideal for cocktail drinks whose key ingredients include champagne or wine.

Collins glass

Shaped like a highball glass but taller, the Collins glass was originally used for the line of Collins gin drinks. It’s now used for tropical and exotic cocktails.

Pilsner glass

A tall, footed glass generally used to serve beer.

Coupette glass

This slightly larger, rounded approach to a martini glass has a broad rim for holding salt – ideal for margaritas. It’s also used for daiquiris.

Whisky sour glass

This glass is stemmed, with a wide opening. It’s a small version of a champagne flute.

Shot glass

Usually used for straight booze. It’s a small glass, holding about 30 ml.

Liqueur glass

A small, stemmed glass for serving rich liqueurs.

Old-fashioned glass

Also known as the rocks glass, this is a short, round glass suitable for drinks served on the rocks. It’s for the serious drinker within.

Hurricane glass

A tall and elegant glass named for its resemblance to a hurricane lamp. It’s mostly used for exotic cocktails.


A drinking glass that has a base and stem.

Absinthe glass

A traditional glass used to serve absinthe, often a port or small wine glass, usually with engraving around the glass.

Bamboo glass

A glass designed by May Wong that represents the curvature of a natural bamboo structure.

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