Glass types

Glass types

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A boston cocktail shaker is used when mixing drinks, is made of glass and metal and is pretty much all you need when making cocktails in your kitchen. You can serve the cocktail in the glass part of the shaker.

Brandy snifter

Also known as a brandy balloon or cognac glass, this wide-based and narrow-topped glass is – you guessed it – popular for brandy drinks and those with complex notes.


It’s your go-to glass for all things bubbly. It’s a tall-stemmed glass to enjoy Champagne and other sparkling wines in.


This is a medium-sized wine glass, often used for white wine and popular for cocktails, too.


Rum-based cocktails always lean towards the colada glass. It looks like it belongs beside a pool or beach – don’t you agree?


Collins is a fancy way of saying tumbler; but remember, it’s more narrow.


This is a larger and rounder version of a cocktail glass. It favours salty rims and is also used for daiquiris.


A glass tumbler used to serve mixed drinks, and ideal for light spirits.


A tall and elegant glass named for its resemblance to a hurricane lamp. Exotic cocktails are well-suited drinks.

Jam jar

Yep, as the name suggests – keep those jam jars handy as they will be required for making modern cocktails. We love the rustic wide-bellied ones for a Nanna touch.

Julep cup

This is a pewter cup – a fancy way of serving cocktails, which requires you to hold the cup by its bottom or top edge to allow keeping the drink cooler for longer.

Mason jar

Think of a preserving jar and that’s exactly what you need here.


Sometimes referred to as a cocktail glass, the martini is a triangle bowl design with a long stem. It is used for a wide range of straight-up-without-ice cocktails. There is a shorter version, too.

Metal camping mug

It doesn’t get more rustic than this mug built for outdoor adventures. But the camping mug is now kitsch in the cocktail world and perfect for hearty drinking moments.


So many various ways to describe the same thing – just remember, this glass is a short round glass suitable for drinks served on the rocks. It typically has a thick base and is perfect for muddling ingredients in.


Used for fancy cocktails and any layered drink. Looks a bit like the colada.

Punch cup

Head to your mother’s ‘best’ cupboards for optimal punch cup finds.


Usually used for straight booze and, yes, for cocktails drunk in one fell swoop.


Usually reserved for long drinks served with ice.

Small pitcher

Again, a small glass pitcher is what you’re after for an eclectic approach to barware.

Stemless wine

It’s easy to hold and is a modern take on wine glasses, and sometimes doubles as a tumbler.


It’s a smaller version of a tumbler and usually reserved for whisky based-tipples.


Used to serve wine or port. You decide.

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