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Sugar thermometer

Essential for making sweets, jams, toffees, caramels etc. as it gives the precise temperature you need to achieve when making confectionery. It is available in different styles and as analogue or digital.

Tempering thermometer

A must-have when working with chocolates. The thermometer is used to check the correct tempering temperature for different types of chocolate.

Heavy-based saucepans

These pans are good when cooking with sugar as they will withstand high temperatures and length of cooking time.

Candy and chocolate moulds

These come in different materials like plastic, silicone and polycarbonate. Ensure when using a mould for boiled sweet candies that the mould can withstand high-temperature liquids.

Chocolate dipping forks

These forks make it easy to dip candies or ganache into tempered chocolate.

Freestanding food mixer

This is easy to use when making Italian meringues, marshmallows etc., where hot syrup is being poured in slowly.

Marble slab

This is a good surface to work on to cool down sugar syrups, and to temper chocolate using the marbling technique.

Mixing bowls

Heatproof mixing bowls are ideal for melting, tempering and cooling ingredients.

Disposable piping bags

These are very convenient. They do not need a plain nozzle to be attached as they can be snipped to however large or fine you want the tip to be.

Protective latex gloves

These gloves are used to protect your hands from the heat of the sugar syrup when a recipe requires pulling the sugar.

Kitchen essentials

Wooden spoons, metal spoons, spatulas, palette knives, metal scrapers, whisks, rolling pins, baking tins and trays, weighing scales, scissors, baking and greaseproof (wax) paper are also indispensable pieces of equipment that you should have on hand in the kitchen when making confectionery.

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