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Icing (confectioners’) sugar

This sugar has been ground into a powder. Use for making frostings and decorating cakes.

Caster (superfine) sugar

This sugar has a fine texture. Use in baking and meringues.

Golden caster (superfine) sugar

An unrefined cane sugar that is super fine. Use in baking cakes and cookies.

Granulated sugar

A coarse-grain sugar, which is also available as golden or unrefined. It is used in the making of syrups, confectionery and in everyday use, such as adding to hot drinks.

Light brown sugar

This sugar is brown in colour due to the presence and percentage of molasses. Use in making toffees and baking.

Muscovado sugar

A natural unrefined dark brown sugar with a strong flavour of molasses. It is used in making toffees and baking rich flavoured cakes.

Raw (demerara) sugar

This unrefined sugar has a light golden colour and a crunchy texture. It is used for toppings on desserts and as a sweetener in coffees.

Flavouring oils and extracts

Oil flavourings have an intense flavour and can withstand high temperatures. Extracts are from natural products, e.g. rose petals.

Food colouring

There are two types – pastes and liquids.

Pectin powder

This is used as a gelling agent especially for jams and jellies.

Liquid glucose

A thick clear sweet liquid used in the making of hard sweets.

Powdered gelatine

This gelling agent is available as a powder or in sheets. Agar-agar flakes are vegetarian.

Vanilla pods

The seeds are scraped out of the pod and used as a flavouring.

Dark chocolate

The cocoa solids in dark chocolate range from 70 to 90%.

Milk chocolate

Milk is added to dark chocolate to create milk chocolate.

White chocolate

There are no cocoa solids but cocoa butter, sugar and milk in this chocolate.

Pink strawberry chocolate

This is white chocolate with added flavour and colour.

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