Pimp my dish: everyday classics reimagined

Hannah Koelmeyer
07 April, 2014

Six chefs turn the familiar into the extraordinary.

Classic recipes often become classics because the idea behind them is so simple and so great that they’re kind of hard to screw up. So over time they inevitably become a little obvious and pedestrian – a little bit low brow. Six of our top chefs elevate the prototypical with their extraordinary interpretations of humble classics.

Spaghetti bolognese

jim's spaghetti bolognese

It’s hard to believe that this gorgeous creation is a good ol’ spag bol. Jim McDougall’s recipe uses homemade pasta, a rich wagyu-tail ragout and is topped with a parmesan crisp for a little added drama and textural intrigue.

Fish fingers

hake fish fingers

Nathan Outlaw’s seafood restaurant has, not one, but two Michelin Stars, so where else would you go for the world’s best recipe for fish fingers? Outlaw pairs his fish fingers with classic chips, but ups the ante with a herb emulsion and a side of mushy peas.

Sausage rolls

crisp filo logs of lamb puttanesca

Daniel Wilson’s fancified sausage roll recipe takes the intense flavours of a classic puttanesca sauce (tomato, olives, capers and anchovies) and uses them to enhance super slow-cooked lamb shoulder. Greek kataifi pastry is used for the ultimate crunch.

Pea and ham soup

pea and ham

One of the world’s most innovative chefs, Mark Best reinterprets homely pea and ham soup as an elegant hors d’oeuvre of ham consommé jelly and pea snow. Challenging? Yes. Impressive? Most definitely.

The Snickers bar

PS Snickers

Chocolate, caramel and salty peanuts really is a no-brainer, so Phillippa Sibley’s famous PS Snickers recipe is about playing with those elements to create perfect harmonies between creamy and crunch, salty and sweet, for the ultimate expression of a killer flavour combination.


dear I miss you

Tiramisu is delicious but it’s not exactly pin-up material. Billy Law’s recipe deconstructs the classic dessert and makes it a riot of textures with huge visual appeal.

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