How to assemble tiered cakes

How to assemble tiered cakes

Danielle Wood

Cakes can be pretty heavy, and tall cakes with lots of layers and tiers need a bit of extra support to stay upright and level. This technique works for tiered cakes which start with a larger cake on the bottom and end with a smaller cake on the top, but is also great for super-tall multi-layer cakes where all of the layers are the same width. Start with your cake tiers levelled and split, filled and either left ‘naked’ like the Stacked Victoria Sandwich or covered with buttercream or ganache. Each tier should be attached to a thin cake board, the same size as the cake layers, with a small amount of buttercream or ganache.

You will need


Quantity Ingredient
cake tiers
thin cake boards
plastic lollypop sticks or cake dowels (4 per tier apart from the top one)
a bit of extra buttercream or ganache


  1. Starting with the bottom tier, insert a lollypop stick or cake dowel just inside the edge of where the second tier will sit. It should go all the way through the cake until it reaches the board. Mark the stick with a sharp knife at the surface of the cake and take it out again.
  2. Cut the first stick where you made the mark with the knife and trim the other 3 sticks to be exactly the same length.
  3. Push all 4 sticks, evenly spaced, into the bottom tier. This will support the second tier.
  4. At this point, you can spread a small amount of buttercream between the tiers to help keep everything in its place. If you need to transport the cake, it’s best to assemble the tiers and do the final decoration when you get the cake to its destination.
  5. Place the second tier on top of the first tier and repeat the process of inserting the lollypop sticks or dowels with the second tier, inserting 4 more trimmed sticks to support the top tier.
  6. Dust with icing sugar and decorate with fresh flowers and fruit. You can use hidden cocktail sticks to hold everything in place.


  • It’s easier to assemble your cake tiers if they have been chilled for 30 minutes first.
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