Green Pickled Peaches

Green Pickled Peaches

Chui Lee Luk
94 recipes
Published by
Hardie Grant Books
Chris Chen

Chui Lee Luk’s inventive approach to ingredients and flavour has its foundation in her earliest memories. In Green Pickled Peaches Chui recollects influential experiences from her childhood in Sabah, Malaysia, and how each – perceived through one of the five senses: scent, sight, sound, touch, taste – is central to the food she creates today. This unusual approach to food and recipe writing offers a rare insight into the creative process of a unique and influential chef.

In this book

  1. Introduction
  2. Scent - Blachan frying in the rempah
  3. Scent - Hawker stalls at night
  4. Scent - Black tea brewing and other infusions
  5. Scent - Hidden in old tin boxes
  6. Scent - The curving road to my grandmother's little farm
  7. Sight - Festival days
  8. Sight - Magical tropical fruits
  9. Sight - Meals at outdoor casual restuarants
  10. Sight - The temptation of pickled peaches
  11. Sight - My mushroom aversion
  12. Sound - A birthday treat of claws and shells
  13. Sound - A live goat in the garden
  14. Sound - Eavesdroppng on adult conversations
  15. Sound - Painstaking preparations
  16. Sound - Down the long pebbly pathway
  17. Touch - Mortar & pestle cooking
  18. Touch - The temperature of things
  19. Touch - Is this a cuisine of entrails & intestines ... ?
  20. Touch - Fish heads and whole fish
  21. Touch - Unusually foraged foodstuffs
  22. Taste - An outrage of tastes
  23. Taste - Family banquets
  24. Taste - Chickens and pigs
  25. Taste - Sweet memories
  26. Taste - What are colours meant to taste like?

Recipes in Green Pickled Peaches

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