Heart Disease

Heart Disease

Dale Pinnock
51 recipes
Published by
Quadrille Publishing
978 184949 542 4

Dale explains that heart disease is at epidemic proportions and rising, and attempts to find out why… and what we can do about it. His approach – using nutrition alongside conventional medicine – is to avoid the dietary baddies that may contribute to the problem. And he has some revolutionary ideas about what those might be. Dale shows how the heart works and gives you the tools you need to help yourself. His approachable, readable style reveals cardiovascular workings clearly. Dale peers inside the modern western kitchen storecupboard and shows what should be going into it with a comprehensive list of heart-healthy food. Vitally, he reveals what needs to be thrown out and never replaced… among them some startlingly common foods! Dale shows how easy it can be to incorporate powerful super-nutrients into your diet and what foods and supplements can provide them. Each recipe has a check-list showing the components it contains that are particularly heart-healthy. Start the day with a salmon and asparagus frittata, dine sumptuously on black olive and anchovy-stuffed chicken breast with sweet potato mash and finish it all off with pears poached in spiced red wine. If these seem miles away from a conventional heart-healthy diet, that is because Dale believes much modern-day dietary advice is wrong. Learn his secrets for yourself and eat your way to better heart health.

In this book

  1. An introduction to cardiovascular disease
  2. Stress
  3. The cardiovascular system: what it is and how it works
  4. Key physiology
  5. The cholesterol conundrum
  6. Cardiovascular disease processes
  7. The role of nutrition in heart health, disease prevention and disease management
  8. Key heart-healthy ingredients
  9. Recipes
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    2. Avocado and poached egg rye toast topper
    3. Salmon, pea and asparagus frittata
    4. Oat and berry layer
    5. Mixed seed and blackberry bowl
    6. Kippers, boiled egg and watercress salad
    7. Creamy coconut porridge
    8. Speedy tomato and paprika soup
    9. Beetroot, bean and rocket salad with orange dressing
    10. Goat’s cheese, pomegranate and olive salad
    11. Herbed chickpea salad with sun-dried tomatoes and spinach
    12. Spinach and anchovy pitta pizzas
    13. Smoked salmon, beetroot and minted yogurt wrap
    14. Roasted onion and cannellini bean houmous with vegetable crudités
    15. Red cabbage and carrot salad with creamy orange dressing
    16. Roasted squash, rocket and sun-dried tomato salad
    17. Bold beetroot and horseradish soup
    18. Soba noodle vegetable stir-fry
    19. Roasted sweet potato and coconut soup
    20. Black olive and anchovy-stuffed chicken breast, sweet potato mash and wilted greens
    21. Roasted vegetables with quinoa salad
    22. Mixed bean chilli with baked sweet potato
    23. Baked beetroot wedges with white bean houmous
    24. Squash, goji berry and red onion soup
    25. Balsamic caramelised pepper soup
    26. Sweet potato wedges with red pepper-walnut dip
    27. Stuffed aubergine
    28. Chicken and tarragon-stuffed peppers with greens
    29. Chicken and green vegetable nutty stir-fry
    30. Peppered king prawn skewers with tarka dal
    31. Salmon and beetroot wasabi stacks
    32. Tapenade salmon with borlotti bean crush
    33. Grilled trout with root vegetables and salsa verde
    34. Mediterranean brown rice risotto
    35. Wholewheat pasta with roasted pepper sauce
    36. Salmon with pea purée and roasted butternut squash
    37. King prawn and spinach curry with herby brown rice
    38. Tuna steak with mango salsa, wilted greens and quinoa verde
    39. Grilled salmon with red barlotto
    40. Sea bass with salsa verde and tabbouleh
    41. Chickpea and red pepper stew with sweet potato mash
    42. Tuna steak with chilli-blueberry compote and roasted celeriac
    43. Berry protein smoothie
    44. Beetroot, blackberry, celery and ginger juice
    45. Nutty chocolate smoothie
    46. Pomegranate goji omega smoothie
    47. Nutty chocolate avocado pots
    48. Tonic tipple
    49. Oaty flax berry crumble
    50. Pears poached in spiced red wine
    51. Mackerel and caper pâté
    52. Heart-healthy trail mix

Recipes in Heart Disease

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