The Birthday Cake Book

The Birthday Cake Book

Fiona Cairns
78 recipes
Published by
Quadrille Publishing
Laura Edwards

Whether you are going to be 1 or 100 years old, Fiona Cairns has the perfect birthday cake for you – all not only amazing to behold but also absolutely delicious to eat. Fiona is a veteran at catering for every style and taste, and amongst the 50 cakes featured in this book there are masses of tempting choices as well as six themed birthday parties, each with a large cake, cupcakes, and biscuits. Starting with kids, any child will remember their birthday party when it has been embellished with tiny fairies sitting on top of tasty lemon fairy cakes; or a dinosaur party complete with volcano cake, dinosaur biscuits and bones cupcakes. A spherical disco glitter ball cake is a wonderful gift for the party girl in your life, while a realistic vegetable plot – complete with hidden courgettes and carrots in the cake beneath – is the very thing for your favourite gardener. And don’t worry if that recipe isn’t right for the birthday boy or girl; most of the decorated cakes in the book have alternative suggestions and recipes for making a deliciously simple iced cake like a masala chai cake with ginger fudge frosting. Even those who lack a sweet tooth are remembered, with a savoury ‘cake’ of home-made soda bread and smoked salmon, ‘iced’ with cream cheese to look like the real thing. Those with allergies are catered to as well: there is a choice of recipes that are flour-free, and some even free from all common allergens. Fiona’s warm writing style and easy-to-follow instructions means making beautiful, surprising and divine-tasting birthday cakes is something everybody can achieve, no matter how inexperienced, and enjoy the process. So bring a special gift to the party, and get baking!

In this book

  1. Introduction
  2. Cakes
    1. Read this Chapter
    2. Gingerbread cottage
    3. Russian dolls
    4. Black forest bombe
    5. Vampire cupcakes
    6. Black biscuits
    7. The crystal skull
    8. Bridge traybake
    9. Turkish delight meringue
    10. Strawberry and elderflower cake
    11. Elderflower cordial
    12. Playing dice
    13. Jewel box
    14. Robots
    15. Crocodile handbag
    16. Earl Grey tea fairy cakes
    17. Tiny rose and violet creams
    18. Chewy, gooey, nutty caramel bars
    19. Very lemony meringue cake
    20. Flourless lemon polenta cake with limoncello syrup
    21. Eastern tile mosaic
    22. Pistachio, Grand Marnier and olive oil cake
    23. Box of chocolates
    24. Sugar fossils
    25. Erupting volcano
    26. Chocolate dinosaurs
    27. Peanut-choc caramel cookies
    28. Football boots
    29. Little monsters
    30. Mojito or pina colada cheesecakes
    31. Pirate galleon
    32. Giant jam sandwich biscuits
    33. Fresh flower heart
    34. Beside the seaside – a bucket cake
    35. Over the rainbow
    36. Alice’s teapot
    37. Alice’s cups and saucers
    38. Toadstool biscuits
    39. Cheshire cat fairy cakes
    40. Fairies on fairy cakes
    41. Rhubarb and anise crumble cake
    42. Piggy bank
    43. Blackberry, lavender, rose and white chocolate cake
    44. Angel surprise cake
    45. Everlasting flowers
    46. Marzipan fruits hat
    47. Pastel ice cream sandwiches
    48. Bejewelled elephant
    49. A fantasy castle
    50. Blueberry yogurt fairy cakes
    51. Spun sugar pile
    52. Merry-go-round
    53. Coconut and chocolate stripy cake
    54. Toffee apple pops
    55. Marmalade syrup cake
    56. Wigwam
    57. Daisy chain
    58. Guitar biscuits
    59. Brownies
    60. Tiramisu cake
    61. Glazed chocolate-orange cubes
    62. Liquorice toffee cupcakes
    63. Vegetable plot
    64. Wellies, fork and trowel biscuits
    65. Mini flowerpots
    66. Butterscotch cake
    67. Caramel hazelnut wisps
    68. Allergen-free chocolate cake
    69. Savoury smoked salmon 'cake'
    70. All-in-one apricot and almond cake
    71. Bakewell tart
    72. Nectar cake
    73. Masala chai cake with ginger fudge frosting
    74. Easiest ever all-in-one fruit cake
    75. Vanilla shortbread
    76. Marble cake
    77. Toffee cake

Recipes in The Birthday Cake Book

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