New Middle Eastern Food

New Middle Eastern Food

Greg Malouf, Lucy Malouf
327 recipes
Published by
Hardie Grant Books
Mark Roper

Middle Eastern food is one of the oldest and most sophisticated cuisines in the world. It's a cuisine that is subtle, elegant and alluring, using exotic spices such as saffron and cardamom. The book is divided into chapters such as Soups, Dips, Small Plates, Large Plates, Bakery, Sweet and Larder, making it easy to find the recipe you're after. Discover the joy of Middle Eastern cooking for yourself with the mouth-watering recipes that Greg has created for the home kitchen, as he mixes centuries of tradition with modern techniques and flavours for both the home cook and experienced chef. With over 300 recipes included, this comprehensive recipe collection is sure to become a classic.

In this book

  1. Introduction
  2. Soups
  3. Small dishes
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    2. Home-made yoghurt
    3. Strained yoghurt
    4. Haydari
    5. Tzatziki
    6. Whipped feta dip
    7. Yoghurt cheese
    8. Mint labneh
    9. Saffron labneh
    10. Sweet labneh
    11. Hummus with tahini
    12. Hummus with crushed chickpeas, pine nuts and cumin
    13. Hummus with spiced marinated lamb and pine nuts
    14. Baba ghanoush
    15. Taramasalata
    16. Spinach, turmeric and golden-raisin dip
    17. Preserved lemon guacamole
    18. Almond tarator
    19. Sabzi khordan
    20. Spicy kisir salad
    21. Tabbouleh with roasted hazelnuts
    22. Lentil tabbouleh
    23. Turkish spoon salad
    24. Persian-style Russian salad with tarragon mayonnaise
    25. Bronte and Tarkyn’s cucumber burgul salad
    26. Green olive, walnut and pomegranate salad
    27. Egg and olive salad
    28. Braised silverbeet with crisp fried onions and tahini sauce
    29. Sweet and sour eggplant salad
    30. Artichokes cooked à la Niçoise
    31. Fresh broad beans, artichokes and peas
    32. Baby beetroot in a herbed dressing
    33. Baby carrots and leeks cooked in olive oil with orange zest and spices
    34. Monks’ salad with garlicky dressing
    35. Spanish omelette with potato, green olives and chorizo
    36. Soft herb omelette
    37. Zucchini omelette with mint and melting cheese
    38. Egyptian eggs with dukkah
    39. Zucchini fritters
    40. Persian potato patties with garlic chives
    41. Crunchy red lentil köfte with fresh mint
    42. Potato kibbeh stuffed with spinach, mozzarella and pine nuts
    43. Falafel
    44. Koussa mahshi
    45. Stuffed vine leaves, Istanbul-style
    46. Imam bayildi
    47. Crunchy zucchini flowers stuffed with haloumi, mint and ginger
    48. Haloumi in vine leaves
    49. Goat’s cheese in vine leaves
    50. Oysters with parsley– bastourma salad
    51. Oysters with Lebanese sausages
    52. Oysters with tomato–pomegranate dressing
    53. Stuffed mussels, Istanbul street-style
    54. Mussel pilaki
    55. Prawns baked with haloumi in a claypot
    56. Seared scallops with almond crumbs, hummus and crisp Armenian air-dried beef
    57. Cumin-fried whitebait
    58. Calamari stuffed with pork and pistachios
    59. Crunchy fried calamari with tahini rémoulade
    60. Bandari-spiced calamari with tomato–coriander sauce
    61. Salmon kibbeh nayeh with a soft herb salad
    62. Fragrant cured salmon
    63. Ceviche of red mullet with ras al hanout
    64. Red mullet with golden spices and a citrus salad
    65. Kibbeh nayeh with basil, mint and green chillies
    66. Aleppo-style lamb tartare with smoky chilli and parsley
    67. Beef tartare with minced parsley, mint and hot English mustard
    68. Kibbeh
    69. Lamb kibbeh stuffed with mozzarella and pine nuts
    70. Zghorta-style kibbeh patties stuffed with cinnamon and pine nut butter
    71. Chicken and pistachio dolmades
    72. May’s stuffed vine leaves
    73. Circassian chicken
    74. Confit chicken terrine with dukkah
    75. Portuguese-marinated quail
    76. Crisp quail with fragrant salt
    77. Spicy Lebanese sausages with pine nuts
  4. Large dishes
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    2. Red mullet grilled in vine leaves
    3. Tuna steaks with dried mint, oregano and sumac
    4. Salmon grilled with fennel, lime and sumac
    5. Pan-fried trout with orange zest, cayenne pepper and sumac
    6. Marinated fried whiting with baby fennel braise
    7. Skewered tamarind fish with dried-lime butter and chives
    8. Garfish in dukkah crumbs with Lebanese-style cabbage salad
    9. Persian gulf-style fish with saffron-lemon potatoes
    10. Whiting in spicy chickpea batter
    11. Grilled tiger prawn shish kebabs with spicy cracked wheat salad and tomato dressing
    12. Arak prawns with garlic sauce and black basil salad
    13. Whole salmon fillet in fragrant salt, tarator-style
    14. Flounder roasted on the bone with taklia, fennel, shallots and wild oregano
    15. Yoghurt-baked fish with walnut–herb crumbs
    16. The fish doctor’s stew — with black pepper, lemon zest and mint
    17. Roasted monkfish in green chermoula with kataifi wafers
    18. Couscous stew with grilled calamari and zhoug
    19. Prawn, saffron and leek fricassee
    20. Grilled seafood bouillabaisse
    21. Marinated chicken wing kebabs with skewered tomatoes
    22. Spicy liver kebabs with onion and sumac salad
    23. Şiş kebabs
    24. Skewered beef ‘leaves’ marinated in yoghurt, cardamom and black pepper
    25. Butcher’s köfte kebabs
    26. Grilled saffron chicken with lemon, chilli and mint
    27. Barbecued young chicken scented with cardamom and thyme
    28. Grilled flat chicken with broad bean crush
    29. Chicken cooked on coals, Aleppo-style,with crushed walnuts, lemon zest and mint
    30. May’s marinated quail
    31. Crisp Egyptian pigeon with coriander salt
    32. Cardamom and honey-glazed duck breasts with baby root vegetables
    33. Grilled lamb cutlets with mountain herbs
    34. Double lamb cutlets with Aleppo-style sour cherry sauce
    35. Beef rib-eye with ‘Baghdad café’ butter
    36. Duck breast with ‘fesenjun’ sauce
    37. Chicken stuffed under the skin with flavoured butter
    38. Butter variations
    39. Southern-fried chicken with Eastern spices
    40. Roast chicken with pine nut and barberry rice stuffing
    41. Veiled quail with rice, date and rose petal stuffing
    42. Poussin roasted with cardamom and oregano
    43. Pork roasted with black pepper and cinnamon
    44. Pork rib-eye with caraway, honey and lime
    45. Lamb shawarma
    46. Roast leg of lamb with spiced pumpkin
    47. Lamb rump with pistachios and peppercorns
    48. Whole beef fillet in coriander–peppercorn rub
    49. Slow-cooked shoulder of lamb with jewelled-rice stuffing
    50. Claypot chicken with dates, sujuk and burgul
    51. Spicy chicken baked in mountain bread with spinach, chickpeas and pine nuts
    52. Pigeon tagine with dates and ginger
    53. Rabbit hotpot with white beans and Spanish sausage
    54. Lamb baked with orzo pasta, tomatoes and lemon
    55. Slow-cooked lamb with quinces
    56. Lamb kifta tagine with eggs
    57. Sultan’s delight—lamb ragout with cheesy eggplant purée
    58. Fresh herb stew with lamb and dried lime
    59. Oxtail braised with cinnamon and preserved lemon
  5. Side dishes
  6. Bakery
  7. Sweet
  8. Larder

Recipes in New Middle Eastern Food

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