Alcachofa a la Parrilla

Alcachofa a la Parrilla

David Loftus

Grilled Artichoke with Huacatay Hollandaise. I love the flavour in the charred edges of an artichoke – and the creamy herb dip in this dish is its match made in heaven. Globe artichokes grow in the regions of Cusco and Huancayo and locals use them in a variety of speciality dishes. They taste delicious, of course, but they are also full of antioxidants, fibre and vitamins, making them healthy, too.


Quantity Ingredient
4 large globe artichokes
1/2 lemon, juiced
500ml olive oil, for confiting, plus extra to griddle
2 star anise
a small bunch thyme
3 garlic cloves, halved
1/2 lemon, pared zested
1/2 orange, pared zested
2 tablespoons cancha corn or cashew nuts, lightly crushed, to serve
1/2 quantity Tamal de Sabogal, huacatay hollandaise, warmed, to serve


  1. Prepare the artichokes by removing the tough, spiky outer leaves – keep going until you get to more tender, lighter-coloured leaves. Trim off the leaves around the stem and heart. Cut the artichokes in half and remove each ‘choke’ – this is the fibrous bit that sits on top of the heart. Then, dip the artichokes in the lemon juice to stop them turning black.
  2. Put the artichokes in a saucepan so that they fit snugly, then pour over the 500ml of olive oil. Add the star anise, thyme, garlic and citrus zests. Put the pan over a medium heat and slowly heat the oil until it is bubbling – about 5 minutes. Cook the artichokes for about 15–20 minutes until the stems are tender – check by piercing them with the tip of a sharp knife. When they are ready, remove the pan from the heat and set the artichokes aside to cool in the pan.
  3. When you are ready to eat, heat a griddle until it is too hot to hold your hand over. Drain the artichokes and blot them with kitchen paper. Brush them with olive oil, then place them cut-side down on the griddle and cook for about 2–3 minutes until they develop char lines. Serve sprinkled with the crushed cancha or cashews and drizzled with the huacatay hollandaise.
Martin Morales
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