Herb and garlic bread

Herb and garlic bread

Half-Hour Hungries
20 mins
Cooking time
20 mins
Mark Roper

This is perfect as a quick, indulgent snack – and just as nice as an entrée to a meal. It’s super-rich though, so don’t go eating it every day!


Quantity Ingredient
3 large cloves of garlic, finely grated or crushed
250g salted butter, softened and cut into 2 cm cubes
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1 pinch finely ground black pepper
1 tablespoon firmly packed fresh parsley leaves
6 chives
1 large baguette, cut on the diagonal into twenty-four 2 cm thick slices


  1. Position a rack at the top of your grill and pre-heat on high.
  2. Put the garlic, butter, oil, oregano and pepper into the bowl of a food processor. Using scissors, finely snip in the parsley and chives. Place the lid on your food processor and combine the mixture until smooth, roughly 1–2 minutes. Use a bowl scraper to scrape down the sides as you go.
  3. With adult help: Turn the processor off at the power outlet and remove the processor blade. Use a butter knife to spread the butter mixture on both sides of the bread slices.
  4. With adult help: Arrange the buttered bread on a baking tray and place under the pre-heated grill for 3 minutes, or until lightly golden. Wearing oven mitts, use tongs to turn the bread over and repeat for the other side. Use tongs to transfer to a serving platter and enjoy immediately!
  5. To make a garlic and herb butter log:

    Tear off a 40 cm long piece of baking paper and lay on a clean work surface.
  6. Make the garlic and herb butter according to the method above. Once the butter has been processed until smooth and an adult has removed the processor blade, use a bowl scraper to scoop out the butter and form a 20 cm long log on the baking paper. Roll the butter log up and twist the ends of the paper tightly so it resembles a giant wrapped lolly.
  7. Refrigerate until firm, then keep in your freezer for up to a month. Slice off rounds of butter as you need them. Let the butter come to room temperature before spreading.

Time-saving tips

  • Have all your equipment and ingredients ready. Find a kitchen hand to help you prepare the ingredients ahead of time. Make a garlic and herb butter log in advance, for garlic bread at any time.
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