14 ways to put cheese in everything

Hannah Koelmeyer
27 May, 2014

Everything’s better with cheese, right? We’ve got 14 recipes to help you put more cheese into more things.

Cheese in a sandwich

cheese in a sandwich

Let’s start with the basics. And then deep-fry them.

Cheese in a burger

cheese in a burger

This is a no-brainer, but just in case you need reminding.

Cheese in chillies

cheese in chillies

Chillies are just crying out to be stuffed with cheese. This recipe is officially the hottest way to increase your cheese consumption.

Cheese in cornbread

cheese in cornbread

The only way you can improve on a fried cheese sandwich is by making the sandwich out of cornbread. And adding avocado.

Cheese in a quiche

cheese in a quiche

Cheese and eggs are the best of friends and this recipe from Margaret Fulton really shows us why.

Cheese in a deep-fryer

cheese in a deep-fryer

Why would you tempura vegetables when you could tempura slices of brie?

Cheese in a salad

cheese in a salad

The tomato makes it healthy, right?

Cheese in a buckwheat bake

cheese in buckwheat

You can forget about mac’n’cheese, this traditional Polish recipe is the ultimate in cold-weather comfort food.

Cheese in pastry

cheese in pastry

Cut this baby open and unleash a river of molten cheese.

Cheese in dumplings

cheese in dumplings

Cheese AND potato in a dumpling. Carbs + cheese + carbs = delicious.

Cheese in a frying pan

Why not? Sometimes cheese doesn’t need to share the spotlight.

Cheese in blintzes

cheese in blintzes

Sweet cheese in a pancake? You had me at blintz.

Cheese in a cake

cheese in a cake

Whoever invented cheesecake deserves a medal. Greg Malouf’s recipe uses a foolproof baking technique.

Cheese in brownies

cheese in brownies

This recipe is pure alchemy and the result is somehow even greater than the sum of its really great parts.

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