10 vegetarian recipes that aren’t boring (and not a vegie burger in sight)

Hannah Koelmeyer
07 November, 2014

Are you tired of mushroom risottos, eggplant stacks and the dreaded, ubiquitous vegie burger? There is absolutely no reason for vegetarian food to be boring, and here are 10 incredible recipes to prove our point.

This Mexican breakfast salad is everything you could want in a breakfast

Let’s begin with breakfast, shall we? This Mexican breakfast salad from David Frenkiel and Luise Andersen has it all – rich, spiced beans; punchy jalapeños; creamy avocado; lashings of plucky coriander and some mango to add a touch of sweetness – then topped with a fried egg. Perfect breakfast.

A savoury tart full of winning flavours

Beetroot and goat’s cheese is a no-brainer winning combination. Dale Pinnock’s Beetroot, red onion and goat’s cheese tart makes a perfect lunch or light dinner. The sprinkling of fresh thyme brings out the earthiness of the beetroot and adds a lovely touch of green to contrast the vivid deep purple­–red – making it an extremely pretty dish to bring along to a picnic or barbeque.

Luke Nguyen has all the exciting vegetables

Have you ever stared at those unusual sculptural vegetables in your local Asian grocer, wanted to buy them but had no idea how to cook with them? Let Luke Nguyen show you the way. Luke’s Market vegetables cooked in a clay pot uses kohlrabi and bitter melon as well as straw mushrooms and tofu puffs, all culminating in a riot of seriously exciting textures and flavours. 

Greg & Lucy Malouf make fried cheese classy

Zucchini flowers are seriously elegant and always impressive. The salty haloumi combined with the crunchy olive-y crumb make these Zucchini blossoms with haloumi in olive brioche crumbs from Greg and Lucy Malouf a pretty posh beer snack (not to mention really classy way to get away with eating deep-fried cheese).

Egyptian falafel is the best kind of falafel

Taameya is the Egyptian version of falafel, which uses broad beans as the base instead of chickpeas. Suzanne Zeidy’s taameya are full of fresh herbs so will already go a long way to getting that party in your mouth started, but combined with this gorgeous garden salad platter of radish, pomegranate, feta, more fresh herbs and tangy dressing, this dish is basically the salad equivalent of Spring Break.

No one puts tofu in the corner

Tofu is often described as being a great vessel for flavour, which means that all too often the mild, nutty flavor of the tofu itself is overlooked and overpowered. Silken tofu in particular has an extraordinarily delicate flavour and velvety texture that lends itself beautifully to light, fresh flavours. Martin Boetz’s  recipe uses pickled ginger (for tangy heat) and cooling cucumber and mint, all of which serve to enhance the subtle flavours of the tofu. Added bonus: also vegan.

Izy Hossack’s pies are easy as … well, pie

The smell of onions caramelising is pretty transcendental. Izy Hossack’s Caramelised onion, thyme and bean pot pies use sweet, slow-cooked onions for a rich, depth of flavour – she even adds in some leeks to bump up that intensely sweet oniony goodness. Plus, this dish is a breeze to put together.

Give sprouts a chance

Brussels sprouts have a completely undeserved bad rap. Like all vegetables (especially leafy greens) they don’t respond well to overcooking, but that’s no reason to write them off. In their Brussels sprout and cranberry holiday salad, David Frenkiel and Luise Andersen shred the sprouts and blanch for less than a minute, ensuring no hint of bitterness and a fantastic firm texture. This salad also contains citrus, kale, pecans and cranberries, so it packs a pretty serious nutritional punch.

This eggplant is hot and numbing and it will enthrall you

If you’ve never tried Sichuan food, proceed with caution, Antony Suvalko and Leanne Kitchen’s Hot and numbing eggplant is not messing around! The Sichuanese appear to be addicted to chilli, and we think it may have something to with the mild anaesthetic affect of Sichuan peppercorns. Trust us, there is NOTHING mundane about this eggplant recipe.

Don’t hate us …

Okay, okay ­– we lied! We’ve included a vegie burger. But not just any vegie burger. Raph Rashid’s burger truck, Beatbox Kitchen is legendary, and his Shroom burger well and truly holds its own against its beefy counterparts. There’s no stodgy lentil patty here – just a big, meaty, earthy portobello mushroom topped with gouda and Raph’s famous tangy mayo. This is the vegie burger to redefine vegie burgers. 

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