11 unbelievable dairy-free desserts

Hannah Koelmeyer
20 February, 2015

For those who can't do lactose, dessert can be tricky. Here are 11 totally dairy-free indulgences – there's no missing out here.

Coconut ice cream 6 ways

Kate Bradley’s coconut ice cream is the Holy Grail of dairy-free ice-cream recipes. There are six flavours – mango, espresso, chocolate, berry, vanilla and choc-hazelnut – to keep you cool all summer long.

Almond butter blueberry cookies

David Frenkiel says that great dairy-free cookie recipes “don’t grow on trees”, and that it’s really difficult to get the right “cookieness” without butter. This recipe is inspired by cookies from an incredible vegan bakery in New York; it uses a combination of tahini and almond butter which gives them just the right cookie texture. 

Chocolate molten puddings

These puddings manage to be everything you’d want chocolate molten puddings to be – rich, gooey and chocolatey – without even a hint of dairy.

Black sticky rice with custard apple cream

Black sticky rice is a classic Thai dessert. The custard apple lends Martin Boetz’s recipe a luscious creaminess that’s completely divine.

Lemon and blackberry jelly

Jelly is every kid’s favourite dessert. The lemon tang and fresh blueberries lends this recipe the sophistication required for an adult palate.

Raw key lime mousse


This key lime pie-inspired mousse is made with avocado instead of cream and sweetened with soft, fresh dates. It's tangy and creamy and incredibly pretty. 

Meringue kisses

These meringue kisses are so simple and seriously cute. Make them in a sweet rainbow of pastel colours. 

Summer pudding

Who knew fresh berries and white bread could magic themselves into a spectacular pudding? Summer pudding is an extraordinary thing.

Chocolate sorbet


Nick Palumbo from Gelato Messina originally devised a soy milk version of their chocolate gelato as a dairy-free option, but after much experimenting, he did away with the milk altogether and arrived at this spectacular recipe, which almost rivals their regular chocolate gelato in popularity.

Lemon tart

Lemon tart made with no dairy at all? Only Kate Bradley could work this particular brand of magic.

Tropical fruit salad

Fruit salad may seem like an obvious option, but it’s such a satisfying dessert, especially after a big meal and it looks gorgeous served in parfait glasses.

For more dairy-free goodness, Kate Bradley has an entire book full of incredible dairy-free recipes. Welcome to Kenko Kitchen.


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